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    • Hello, thanks for your interest.

      I’m afraid i don’t ship outside of the EU. Sorry about that.



  1. hi do you have Hymenopus coronatus in stock ,and can they be sexed yet ?,i would like 2 pairs but would unsexed would be soon can you post.thanks

    • Hello, thanks for your interest. They are still currently only 2nd instar, so are a little tough to accurately sex. I can have a go, but i wouldn’t be able to guarantee sexed pairs i’m afraid.

      I post out the following day of the order.



  2. Hiya, just ordered a couple of mantids, wondered how long delivery will be to make sure I am in, thank you πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Mitch – I purchased two Ghost Mantids from you and they’re doing really great. They have molted twice and I’ve only had them 3 weeks !

    I’m intending to purchase from you an Orchid Mantis but I am away ’til a week on Sunday 23rd July.

    I’m worried in case they all sell so I was wondering if I buy one and obviously pay for it – could you delay sending it to me until Monday 24th July?

    I can’t find the delivery charges anywhere – could you please let me know what they are

    Many thanks Jenny

    • Hi Jenny, glad to hear the ghost mantids are doing well πŸ™‚ Long may it continue!

      No problem regarding the Orchid…i’ll put one aside for you, then just order it when you’re ready πŸ™‚ Postage is Β£6.


  4. Hi,
    Would I be able to keep the Cryptic Mantid nymphs in with some adults that I already have? I know they are communal, but not sure if that means you can keep different ages together?

    • Hi,

      I wouldn’t recommend it. To be honest, i don’t keep this species together, as i’ve found them to be quite aggressive towards each other sometimes (especially the females)… i don’t risk it any more.


  5. Can you ship to Finland? When I’m in checkout it says
    “There are no shipping methods available. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help.”

    Finland is in Europe, but is it too far…?
    I really would like to order an orchid mantis >.<

  6. Hi Mitch,

    I’m interested in purchasing an African Boxer Mantis but there’s very little information online about them.

    Can you tell me what temperature/humidity they need and anything else I should know before purchasing one? (Also are they communal at all?)

    • Hi Nathaniel,

      Thanks for the interest πŸ™‚ Yes, i can appreciate your struggle for information on this species. I had to go through a process of trial and error initially.

      So they are actually quite stable and hardy to keep once they’re out of the ‘danger zone’ of the early instars. The ones i’m selling are now 3rd/4th instar, so are pretty stable.

      They are still eating large fruit flies (D. hydei), and can do so until sub adult, then they like mainly flying prey such as green and blue bottles.

      Temperatures of 24-28C are nice for these, but they are also ok at 22-24C, and humidity around 60-70% is fine….but they can tolerate it a little drier too.


    • Hello,

      I sent your mantis out yesterday, so you should have received it today.

      I just checked the tracking details for your package (GK600220201GB), and it says that an attempted delivery was made today. They have left a card, and it is waiting for collection at your local sorting office.

      Best wishes,


  7. Hello, I am interested in buying a giant Asian Praying mantis from you. Is that possible, to choose gender, can you send me a male please?

  8. Hello Mitch,
    I have a question. My praying mantis seems to have hurts its front leg. I am not really sure what to do as I’m scared it won’t be able to catch food (it seems not to be interested in food, but that may be caused by moulting). Do you have any advice?

    • Hi, sorry to hear about your mantis πŸ™ How is it now?

      Is it the front raptoral forelimb (grasping arm) that is damaged? When did it last moult? Was it fine before it moulted?



      • I’ve gotten it very recently, so I’m not sure. It hasn’t moulted while with me yet. Its front limb seems to be completely fine now, though! It’s not interested in eating, but I’m pretty sure it’s about to moult. Thank you for the quick response!

        • Hi, ok that sounds good then πŸ™‚ Let’s hope it’s ok.

          If it is refusing food, then there’s a good chance it is getting ready to moult…..don’t offer it any food for a day or two and keep the humidity levels up, and see what happens.

          Let me know how you get on, bets wishes.


  9. Hello, I was wondering whether it would be possible for me to get a slightly larger giant asian mantis at maybe 3rd to 5th instar.

      • Great! What do I need to do to get one of these as there is only the option for 2nd instar? Also would it be possible to get a female?

        • Just make the order mate, i’ll make a note now to make sure you get an older female, no worries πŸ™‚ You can have one for the same price, no problem.


  10. HI Mitch,

    I just purchased a Giant Rainforest Mantis from you, but I forgot to check that it is a female!! The mantis is for a school display in the biology lab and I would be very grateful if you could send me a female.



    • Hi Chris, thanks for your order πŸ™‚

      So this particular species is only 2nd instar, and so still very young and tiny. I wouldn’t like to promise that i could accurately sex one at this early stage.

      I’ll have a go, but they’re so jumpy at this early stage, i can’t promise anything.



      • Hi Mitch,

        Many thanks for trying! I made a big mistake!! It’s half term next week, if you have not already sent the mantis, please could you send it to my billing address? My order ref is: 1204. No worries if you can’t, I’ll have to sort something out with the site team.



        • Hi Chris,

          I’m afraid i already send the little one out, sorry about that. It should be delivered today, so hopefully you should receive it while you’re there?

          Good luck,


          • Hi Mitch,

            Thanks for getting back. Yes! By a stroke of luck, it turned up just before the end of the day. Looks a beauty, happy in her new home and eaten a meal.

            Thanks again,


  11. Hello,
    I am a beginner pet carer and I am looking to buy my first mantis would like to but a giant Asian mantis nymph but I’m afraid they will go out of stock before I get everything set up for one what is your suggestion also any tips for care

    • Hi, don’t worry mate, i have plenty of this species… no need to rush in to it πŸ™‚

      Here’s a few pointers to get you started:

      Habitat/enclosure for your Mantis to live in:
      So the general rule is that the height of the habitat/enclosure is 3x the length of the Mantis, and 2x its width. So let’s say your Mantis is around 3-4cm in length, then an enclosure with dimensions of 12-15cm high x 6-10cm wide x 6-10cm deep is perfect, or, for example; anything around half a pint to a pint in size, including 24-32oz Deli pots, or a cricket tub which is also great at this stage too. You don’t want anything too big as the Mantis won’t see the prey you put in there, and might starve.

      If the Mantis is not yet an adult, you need to make sure there is something for the Mantis to hang from in order to moult too. So either a mesh lid, or mesh at the top just under the lid, and/or horizontal twigs/sticks. These sticks/twigs need to be high enough for the moult to occur without the Mantis touching the bottom (hence the 3x body length rule).

      Different species have varying requirements, environmental living conditions is just one of them and is reflected by their natural habitat. Some species live in damp forest areas, while others live in desserts or dry grasslands. Certain ‘beginner’ species like ones from the Hierodula genus (Giant Asian Mantids for example) or the Sphodromantis genus (Giant African Mantids etc) can tolerate a relatively wide temperature range (22-30C during the day, with a dip down to 19-21C in the evening). This means that providing the room you choose to keep them in is within this temperature range, then no external heat source is required.

      Place substrate on the bottom of the enclosure. This substrate can be anything that will absorb water and that will not mould easily. For example: tissue paper, vermiculite, potting earth, shredded wood, pieces of bark or sand. The purpose of the substrate is to release water slowly, thus keeping the humidity in the tank a bit more constant.

      Feeding your Mantis:
      The food requirements of a Praying Mantis will vary depending on a number of factors, such as; development stage of the Mantis, sex, species, general health, size of prey and size of the Mantis. Also, adult males require much less food than females.

      For example, a young nymph will only be eating small fruit flies such as Drosophila melanogaster or Drosophila hydei, or if they are a particularly small species, then even smaller prey such as springtails may have to be considered. Young nymphs of certain larger species such as Idolomantis diabolica however, can take green bottle flies or house flies immediately after hatching from the ooth. These young nymphs are likely to require feeding every 2-3 days due to the fact that smaller prey have a lower nutritional content than larger prey items, also, young nymphs tend to be much more active and as such, require more energy.

      Older nymphs however, maybe 3rd-6th instar can be fed slightly larger prey (green/blue bottle flies, small hoppers and small roaches etc…), they are also much less active, this means that they can be fed fewer times a week, maybe every 3 -4 days. Larger and more mature Mantids such as sub adults or adults can be fed even larger prey and may only require feeding every 5-7days.

      Hope this helps πŸ™‚


  12. Hi
    I am looking at buying a sexed pair of spiny flower mantis and a sexed pair of orchid mantis. would this be possible ? These look ideal for my orchid terrarium πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kieran,

      The Orchids should be ready to go next week sometime. I can definitely sex the Orchids at 2nd instar, as for the Spiny Flowers, i might struggle a little at such a young age….but i’ll see if i have any 3rd instar available yet, as i’ll be more confident sexing those.


  13. Excellent. If you can let me know when you can sort these and let me know what i owe you that would be great . If you want payment to hold them please let me know . Many thanks , Kieran

  14. Hi
    I’m looking to buy a Spiny flower mantis from you next week (Once it’s new home arrives). What would be the best fly to feed a l2 being such a small species?
    The place I get my live food from sales Drosophila hydeI, will they be ok?

  15. Hi again, sorry but my other email is not working , could you reply to the one on this post about the sexed pairs. Thanks , Kieran

    • Hi Kieran,

      Sorry for the delay mate, i’ve been away for a while.

      I’m planning on having a look at those Spiny Flowers this weekend, so i’ll let you know soon. It was a sexed pair of Spiny’s, and a sexed pair of Orchids right?


        • Hi Kieran,

          So I’ve managed to sex you a pair of Spiny’s and a pair of Orchids mate.
          That’s Β£12 for the Spiny’s, and Β£16 for the Orchids. If you’re in the UK, then it’s another Β£6 for postage. Total = Β£34.



    • Hi Kieran, sorry i was at a bug show all day yesterday.

      I’ve just updated the website… you can now order Orchids from here. So you can just order them all together from the site.



  16. I ordered 4 mantis on the 7 november
    1 giant rainforest
    1 giant devil
    2 gaint shield mantis
    and i was windering if you could give 1 male and 1 female

    • Hi Dawid, I’ve sent you the extra shield mantis you wanted, so you have a male and a female. But as I said, you only paid for one. Please check your order and contact me please, thank you.

      Kind regards,

  17. Hi Mitch!
    I decided to finally make my dream of having a pet mantis come true! I was wondering if you had any infos as to when you will get Ghost Mantis nymphs back? I am a total beginner and they look really nice. Do you sometimes have european mantis as well?
    Also, another shop owner told me Ghost Mantis can live together in the same enclosure without eating each other, is it true?



    • Hi Zoe,

      Congratulations on your decision to have a mantis πŸ™‚ You won’t regret it!

      I’m hoping to have a Ghost mantis ooth hatch in the next few weeks, so hopefully i’ll have some available in 4-6wks.

      Regarding keeping them communally, i know people say it’s ok…..but in my experience, it’s just not worth the risk. Sometimes females will just attack, and/or kill males for no ‘apparent’ reason.

      There’s always a risk, no matter how well fed they are.



      • Oh, that’s great news! I’ll start setting up a nice enclosure then πŸ™‚
        I might try to put them together at first, and if I notice a bit of agression I will put them in separate vivarium. Do they prefer flying insects?
        Can’t wait to finally adopt my first mantis!

  18. sorry but i dont know how to check the order, if possible could you screenshot it and send me a picture, and if you are right i will pay thr rest of the money


  19. are you sending me the message on my gmail? because i cannot see them

    also how long would it take for the mantis to come

  20. Hi there, looking to get an orchid mantis and just enquiring as to the temperature which this mantis should be kept at, I have found differing info online, also do you think a fully mesh cage is sufficient for housing? Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Jodie,

      Good choice on an Orchid mantis πŸ™‚ They’re a joy to raise.
      However, they can be a little tricky to keep happy. So i recommend a temperature of around 24-28C during the day, and a dip down to 21-22C over night.
      They like it quite humid (70-80%), so i wouldn’t recommend a mesh enclosure, as that will cause problems when it comes to moulting, as it is hard to keep humidity levels up in a mesh environment.


  21. Hi Mitch,

    Is it usual for the rainforest mantis to lay flat on the floor of the tank? She did this last night and reappeared on the usual spot, on the roof, in the morning? Now she is on the floor again, laying with her legs spread out, but an ‘alert’ head on her.

    Tank is in a room at 21, and she has a heat mat and humidity. Feeding her fruit flies.

    Any advice appreciated,



    • Hi Chris,
      This species does have a habit of being a ground dweller at times, so nothing out of the ordinary there.
      However, your description of her legs spread out… she laying very flat to the ground? If so, that’s usually a sign that she’s trying to get as close to the heat source as possible. Sounds like she might be a bit cold.
      You say the room is 21C, what is the temperature of her enclosure? This species likes it around 24-28C really, a dip down to 21-22C is fine for the evening, but warmer during the day.
      Is she feeding ok?


      • HI Mitch,

        Thanks for getting back.

        I think you are spot on. The internal temperature is around 21 and she has stopped feeding. She is bright enough, now sitting upright on a leaf, but she shows no interest in the fruit flies being offered.

        Think I will dig-out an old halogen desk lamp, put that over the tank and monitor the temperature.

        Thanks again,


    • Hi Ben,

      Yes i received your order mate πŸ™‚ As it was placed on Friday, i only sent it out this morning…..i don’t send mantids out on Fridays i’m afraid, in case they stuck at the Post Office over the weekend etc….

      I would expect your order to arrive sometime on Tuesday πŸ™‚


  22. I know one thing for certain, I want it/them to have black- not green eyes! A must when it comes to getting help deciding upon which type to adopt/purchase…

    • Hello, i’m afraid i don’t give out my phone number, sorry.

      I only discuss matters via the website, in message form. What type of mantis are you looking for please? Maybe look at what i have for sale on the website, and see which ones you like the look of? There are lots of images for each species if you click on the thumbnails and follow the links to each species πŸ™‚


  23. I’m looking for both, the ones with the SMILEY FACE and the ones with the number 9. Either nymphs or juices, unsure which yet. .. along with the supplies you speak of in that first learning video. Cost for them?

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