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    • Hello, thanks for your interest.

      I’m afraid i don’t ship outside of the EU. Sorry about that.



  1. hi do you have Hymenopus coronatus in stock ,and can they be sexed yet ?,i would like 2 pairs but would unsexed would be soon can you post.thanks

    • Hello, thanks for your interest. They are still currently only 2nd instar, so are a little tough to accurately sex. I can have a go, but i wouldn’t be able to guarantee sexed pairs i’m afraid.

      I post out the following day of the order.



  2. Hiya, just ordered a couple of mantids, wondered how long delivery will be to make sure I am in, thank you 🙂

  3. Hi Mitch – I purchased two Ghost Mantids from you and they’re doing really great. They have molted twice and I’ve only had them 3 weeks !

    I’m intending to purchase from you an Orchid Mantis but I am away ’til a week on Sunday 23rd July.

    I’m worried in case they all sell so I was wondering if I buy one and obviously pay for it – could you delay sending it to me until Monday 24th July?

    I can’t find the delivery charges anywhere – could you please let me know what they are

    Many thanks Jenny

    • Hi Jenny, glad to hear the ghost mantids are doing well 🙂 Long may it continue!

      No problem regarding the Orchid…i’ll put one aside for you, then just order it when you’re ready 🙂 Postage is £6.


  4. Hi,
    Would I be able to keep the Cryptic Mantid nymphs in with some adults that I already have? I know they are communal, but not sure if that means you can keep different ages together?

    • Hi,

      I wouldn’t recommend it. To be honest, i don’t keep this species together, as i’ve found them to be quite aggressive towards each other sometimes (especially the females)… i don’t risk it any more.


  5. Can you ship to Finland? When I’m in checkout it says
    “There are no shipping methods available. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help.”

    Finland is in Europe, but is it too far…?
    I really would like to order an orchid mantis >.<

  6. Hi Mitch,

    I’m interested in purchasing an African Boxer Mantis but there’s very little information online about them.

    Can you tell me what temperature/humidity they need and anything else I should know before purchasing one? (Also are they communal at all?)

    • Hi Nathaniel,

      Thanks for the interest 🙂 Yes, i can appreciate your struggle for information on this species. I had to go through a process of trial and error initially.

      So they are actually quite stable and hardy to keep once they’re out of the ‘danger zone’ of the early instars. The ones i’m selling are now 3rd/4th instar, so are pretty stable.

      They are still eating large fruit flies (D. hydei), and can do so until sub adult, then they like mainly flying prey such as green and blue bottles.

      Temperatures of 24-28C are nice for these, but they are also ok at 22-24C, and humidity around 60-70% is fine….but they can tolerate it a little drier too.


    • Hello,

      I sent your mantis out yesterday, so you should have received it today.

      I just checked the tracking details for your package (GK600220201GB), and it says that an attempted delivery was made today. They have left a card, and it is waiting for collection at your local sorting office.

      Best wishes,


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