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Review for Orchid Mantises
Top class service!!

After having an issue with my postman and him not knocking on the door and just taking it to the postal office, I finally got them this morning all safe and sound!! Speedy delivery though, was next day after Completing the order. All the little Orchids were packaged really well, full of bubble wrap and packing peanuts and a heat pack to keep them all nice and warm!! I had a nice unexpected surprise also when I opened the box with a little Ghost Mantis in there to go with the rest of my Ghost Mantises that I already had previously (not in the same enclosure don’t worry) thank you so much for that!!! Definitely going to be looking at getting other species from you in the future!!!

Review for Praying mantids
Amazing service doesn't stop upon delivery

The mantids we ordered both arrived happy and healthy, and packed amazingly. When one of them started to have problems moulting, I shot Mitch an email, having seen from other reviews that he was apparently very invested in helping out customers following arrival of their product(s). These all turned out to be true, when discussing the problems Mitch gave off an air of “no problem is too small” and he had the mantis’s best interests at heart at all times. This isn’t something you see very often, especially with online stores. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of him; but if he bred other inverts as well this would definitely be my one-stop-shop for them! and it’s certainly the only place online I’d be interested in buying a mantis from!

Review for Ghost mantis, orchid mantis.
Hugh McCourt

Mantids arrived safe and sound both feeding. Many thanks for excellent service and the extra 32oz deli cup. Highly recommended.

Review for Praying Mantis
Fantastic Seller!

Cannot recommend Mitch enough, all of my nymphs have arrived in perfect health plus my little extra (very grateful) seem very active and happy. Perfect customer service and the nymphs come very well packaged with a heat pad. Will definitely be returning and recommending.

Review for Mantids

Messaged as a newby to caring for mantids, was amazingly helpful to me, gave me lots of advice about care and feeding and essentially taught me how to care for my now happy and healthy mantids!! cannot reccomend him enough

Review for Hymenopus coronatus (Orchid Mantis) / Rhombodera megaera (Giant Shield Mantis)
Fantastic seller

My little nymphs arrived promptly and very nicely packaged with a heat pack inside to keep the Mantids a good temperature. Mitch put in a few extra flies for me & they are eating well seeming happy and healthy. Would recommend this breeder & website to anybody looking for some mantid friends ♥

Review for Idolomantis
Very happy

Great service throughout! Helpful advice, great packaging, and healthy mantis. Will come again.

Review for Orchid Mantis
Awesome service

I asked lots of questions, Mitch was most patient, and answered all my queries. The mantis arrived very well packaged, safe and healthy 🙂 The delivery was very fast (next day). I’m very happy, will definitely recommend to others, and use myself again. Thank you so much.