Deroplatys truncata (Giant Dead Leaf Mantis) (2nd instar) 1 x nymph


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Deroplatys truncata (Giant Dead Leaf Mantis)

Deroplatys truncata (Giant Dead Leaf Mantis) for sale

Deroplatys truncata is a species of praying mantis in the genus Deroplatys in the order Mantodea. This “dead leaf mantis” species is native to Southeast Asia.

Deroplatys desiccata takes its common name from its resemblance to dead, leafy vegetation including having a flattened, greatly extended thorax and “intricate leaf patterns” on its wings.

This creature’s camouflage is aided by its movements as well as its appearance. When disturbed, it rocks gently as if caught in the breeze. When threatened, it typically falls to the ground and lies motionless. It can also react with a threatening display.


subfamily Deroplatyinae
tribe Deroplatyini
genus Deroplatys Westwood, 1839

species Deroplatys truncata Guerin-Meneville, 1843

  • Images:
  • Ecology:
    • Terrestrial.
  • Specimen records are available.
  • Citations (7):
    • Guerin-Meneville. 1843. Souv. Voy. Inde, Ins. 65 >> Note: Choeradodis
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  • Type specimen information:
    • Type locality:
    • Kind of type:  unspecified primary type
  • synonym shelfordi Kirby, 1903
  • synonym siccifolium Saussure, 1870


Taxonomical Reference:


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