Oxyopsis peruviana (Peruvian Mantis) (3rd/4th instar) 3 x nymphs


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Oxyopsis peruviana (Peruvian Mantis)

Oxyopsis peruviana (Peruvian Mantis)

Being a new species in the hobby, information is still sparse. This is a South American mantis, found predominantly in Peru, and surrounding areas.

Such an eloquent and beautiful species, this leaf mantis comes in a variety of colours, from green/yellow, to brown/orange. A good ‘starter’ species, as it is very forgiving with regards to required temperatures, and humidity.

subfamily Stagmatopterinae
tribe Stagmatopterini
genus Oxyopsis Caudell, 1904

species Oxyopsis peruviana Terra, 1995


  • Ecology:
    • Terrestrial.
  • Specimen records are available.
  • Citations:
    • Chopard. 1916. Annls Soc. ent. Fr. 85:182
    • Terra. 1995. Revta bras. Ent. 39(1):66 >> Note: Peru
  • Type specimen information:
    • Type locality:
    • Kind of type:  unspecified primary type


Taxonomy reference: http://mantodea.speciesfile.org/Common/basic/Taxa.aspx?TaxonNameID=1184836


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