Pseudoxyops perpulchra (Peruvian Leaf Mantis) (FEMALE – 6th / MALE – 4th instar) 1 x Sexed Pair


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Pseudoxyops perpulchra (Peruvian Leaf Mantis) (Sexed Pair)

Pseudoxyops perpulchra (Peruvian Leaf Mantis) 1x Sexed Pair

Pseudoxyops is a genus consisting of 5 species of mantises in the subfamily Stagmatopterinae.

Pseudoxyops perpulchra is a truly stunning mantis, and relatively new in the hobby. This extraordinary looking ‘leaf-mimic’, is a classic example of an insect that has adapted perfectly to its environment. The leaf-shaped wings on the adult female is quite astonishing, and an absolute joy to behold.

subfamily Stagmatopterinae

tribe Stagmatopterini

genus Pseudoxyops Saussure & Zehntner, 1894

species Pseudoxyops perpulchra Westwood, 1889

  • Ecology:
    • Terrestrial.
  • Specimen records are available.
  • Citations (6):
    • Westwood. 1889. Revis. Mantid. 36, pl. 11, f. 8 >> Note: Stagmatoptera
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  • Type specimen information:
    • Type locality:
    • Kind of type:  unspecified primary type


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