Sphodromantis lineola (African Lined Mantis) (6th instar) 1 x nymph

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  1. Mantis Jen (verified owner)

    A lovely specimen to add to your mantis collection. Mine is very a lively little guy, now named Monkey. Came in excellent condition and well packaged.

    • mitch

      Thanks very much for your feedback 🙂 Very much appreciated!

      I’m glad to hear that all is well, and that you’re happy 😀

      I wish you the very best of luck with them.



  2. sidney oneill

    Hi I just love praying Mantis they are amazing.

    • mitch


      Yeah they really are awesome 😀 I hope you’re enjoying yours!


  3. stephen cooke (verified owner)

    great little african lined mantis now called manny . manny thanks to my wife for the name very pleased with him or her thank you

    • mitch

      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for that ? I’m glad that you’re happy.

      If you would like to leave a review, you can leave one here in the reviews section: https://theprayingmantis.co.uk/reviews/

      Thanks so much.


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