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I am passionate about all thing’s bugs. With a special interest in mantises and have been a keeper and breeder of insects and spiders for over 30 years, so you could say I’m mad about bugs!

When not hanging out in my bug rooms I love nothing more than studying and talking about these amazing critters to anyone who’ll listen. My specialist subjects are the vital roles that bugs play within the natural world and how they have evolved strategies and mechanisms allowing them to be some of the most successful classes of animals this planet has ever known.

Along with SEN experience I have an academic research background in Molecular & Cellular Biology and studied to PhD level.

I also gained many years of University lecturing experience which is useful for my Presentation work for Schools Visits, Corporate Presentation, Children’s Parties Festivals etc .

Here you can find a wide variety of Praying Mantis for sale as well as Spiders, Other Invertebrates, Vivariums, Starter Kits and Accessories for sale – click on the thumbnails for more.

I also sell Mystery Boxes and Gift Cards.

Only ‘In Stock’ items are shown. So if you don’t see the Praying mantis for sale that you’re looking for, please message me, as I only list around 20% of what I actually breed.
I generally have ~50-60 species of mantids at any one time, so it’s always worth asking for anything specific (older mantids, specific species, and/or sex etc…)

You can also find a breadth of helpful information regarding general praying mantis husbandry, and species-specific praying mantis care, in the ‘Care sheets‘ section. Feeding and breeding tips can also be found in the ‘Care sheets‘ and ‘Videos‘ sections.

I hope you find Praying Mantis for Sale that you are looking for. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the website, and/or mantis-related husbandry.

Praying Mantis for SaleRhombodera basalis (Giant Shield Mantis)

Rhombodera basalis (Giant Shield Mantis)