Orchid Mantises – The genera Helvia and Hymenopus


This book is a must read if you want to learn the most important and relevant information to date, regarding keeping and breeding Orchid mantises of the genera Helvia and Hymenopus.

The author has many years of first-hand experience keeping and breeding an array of mantis species, many of which most people can only dream of even seeing, let alone keeping. This book contains observations and insights gathered from years of dedication and personal experiences of keeping and breeding these most captivating, and sought-after of all the mantis species.

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Orchid mantises of the genera Helvia and Hymenopus have always been among the most graceful and sought-after of all mantises.
However, many hobbyists still seem to find it difficult to obtain offspring consistently over a long period of time. Different rules apply to insects than to vertebrates.
In this book you will find detailed first-hand information on what really matters, what requires your attention, and how to achieve success in maintenance and breeding.
The author’s many years of relevant practical experience in maintenance, reproduction, and observation in the terrarium, as well as with this group of animals in particular, are of special value – a book from nature enthusiasts for nature enthusiasts, for terrarium keepers, and for all who aspire to be!

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