Metilia sp (Peruvian Dead Leaf Mantis) (4th/5th instar) 1 x Sexed Pair


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Metilia sp (Peruvian Dead Leaf Mantis) (Sexed Pair)

Metilia sp (Peruvian Dead Leaf Mantis) 1x Sexed Pair for sale

This is a relatively new species in the hobby. The particular species is unknown, but is from the genus; Metilia, and of the family Acanthopidae.

This stunning mantis is one of many ‘dead-leaf’ mimics from South America, and can be found in areas of Peru, Bolivia, and surrounding regions.

superorder Dictyoptera
order Mantodea
family Acanthopidae

genus Metilia Stal, 1877

  • Ecology:
    • Terrestrial.
  • Citations (12):
    • Stal. 1877. Bih. K. svenska VetenskAkad. Handl. 4(10):84 >> Note: Harpagidae (sbfam)
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  • Type species:  Metilia integra Stal (= brunnerii), by original monotypy
  • No first use as family-group name is recorded in the database.


Taxonomy classification reference:

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