Anthia sexguttata (Egyptian Predator Beetle) (SA/A) (~4-6cm)


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Anthia sexguttata (Egyptian Predator Beetle) for Sale

Anthia sexguttata adults measure approximately 4 to 5cm. They are black with six relatively large white dorsal spots (four over the elytra and two on the thorax). Other patterns are possible although the pattern is always symmetrical.

Country of origin

India, Southern Asia, Egypt

Males and females are not sexually dimorphic, though it appears males are very slightly smaller than females.

These beetles are carnivorous and could nip smaller childrens fingers.

These beetles need a flat ground area to roam and can be quite communal providing there is sufficient food available.
A pair can easily live in a container 30 x 30 x 15cm high though a larger area is always preferable, and they cannot climb sheer surfaces. Substrate should be a sandy cosistency, with one end dampened slightly to obtain a small humidity gradient.
I have found that they prefer a fairly arid dry surface but must be provided with a water dish, ideally filled with gravel so the beetles and prey items do not drown.
They chase down their prey and so must have living creatures to eat as the movement stimulates the kill response, although I have found they will eat freshly killed insects that have been chopped up.
Food can be small crickets, mealworm, maggots or waxworms or better a mix of all of those for a well balanced diet.

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