Beginners ‘Starter kit’ for small/medium-sized insects (H14cm x W11cm)



Beginners ‘Starter kit’ for small/medium-sized insects (H14xW11) (cm)

Beginners ‘Starter kit’ for small/medium-sized insects (mantids, stick insects etc…). Also suitable for arachnids such as spiders and scorpions.

Beginners starter kit for sale. This is a basic plastic enclosure for your mantis, stick insect, spider, scorpion, and any other invertebrate of small-medium size.

This beginners ‘starter kit’ comes with everything you will need to make it a friendly, and functional enclosure for your beloved pets 🙂 Contents include; Substrate (a mixture of peat soil, coco fibre, and vermiculite) to provide good humidity when moist, lovely green moss layer to place on top of the substrate, this will make the enclosure look even more realistic, whilst providing further humidity, green moss vine, mesh sheet to place under the pre-cut lid (large hole in lid to provide good ventilation for the enclosure).

All you need to do is add the substrate, followed by the moss layer (if desirable), and arrange the rest of the items as you prefer 🙂 The gallery of images show all the aspects of the starter kit….And don’t forget to get yourself a cool mantis to put inside 🙂 Oh, and have fun!


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