Camelomantis sp (Asian Leaf Mantis) (7th instar) 1 x nymph


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Camelomantis sp (Asian Leaf Mantis) for sale

Camelomantis sp (Asian Leaf Mantis) is a medium-large mantid. Its colours vary from green to yellow-green, and green with brown/orange banded legs as nymphs, but generally, they all end up green as adults.

As the name suggests, it originates from many regions of Asia. Male and female adults reach around 8-9cm. This species inhabits in shrubs and tree areas. It lives in hot and humid climates of temperatures of 22 to 30 °C with a humidity of 60% to 70%.

family Mantidae
subfamily Mantinae
tribe Paramantini

genus Camelomantis Giglio-Tos, 1917

  • Ecology:
    • Terrestrial.
  • Citations (6):
    • Giglio-Tos. 1917. Bull. Soc. ent. Ital. 48:66 >> Note: Mantidae: Mantinae: Hierodulae (group)
    • Giglio-Tos. 1927. Tierreich 50:464 >> Note: Mantidae: Mantinae: Hierodulae (group)
    • Beier. 1935. Genera Insect. 203:80 >> Note: Hierodula (Camelomantis)
    • Beier. 1935. Genera Insect. 203:80 >> Note: Synonym of Hierodula
    • Beier. 1935. Genera Insect. 203:86 >> Note: Hierodula (Camelomantis)
    • Balderson. 1984. Austr. CSIRO Div. Entomol. Tech. Pap. 23:9 >> Note: Hierodula
  • Type species:  Camelomantis giraffa Giglio-Tos
  • No first use as family-group name is recorded in the database.



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