Deroplatys trigonodera (Giant Dead Leaf Mantis) (ADULT FEMALE) 1 x nymph


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Deroplatys trigonodera (Giant Dead Leaf Mantis)

Deroplatys trigonodera (Giant Dead Leaf Mantis) for sale

Deroplatys trigonodera is a species of praying mantis in the genus Deroplatys in the order Mantodea. This “dead leaf mantis” species is native to Southeast Asia.

This mantis mimics dead leaves not only in appearance, but in the way they sway in all directions, especially when eating, in order to mimic leaves swaying in the wind (a tactic adopted to fool potential predators).

Females reach ~8-10cm in length and males ~4-6cm in length. Their colouring ranges from dark brown to very pale beige. The females possess a broad prothorax that looks ripped and crumpled like a leaf. Females have a wider shield than males as early as the 4th instar stage. Males have a slender body and a diamond shape shield.


Deroplatys Westwood, 1839

Body resembling dead leaves, particularly in the females. Around 10 species are found in S and SE Asia. Arboricolous, occuring only in the understorey of old-growth forests. Males are good fliers, females also fully winged but non-volant. A revision of this genus is in progress.

Deroplatys lobata ( Guérin-Méneville, 1838)

Choeradodis lobata Guérin-Méneville, 1838: 69 -70, pl. 234

= Mantis (Deroplatys) rhombica De Haan, 1842: 92 -93, pl. 17, fig. 1-2 (f)

= Deroplatys brunneri Kirby, 1904: 281

Distribution. Myanmar, Thailand, Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Palawan ( Rehn 1903, Werner 1923, 1924, 1925, 1927 a, 1927 b, 1933, Giglio-Tos 1927, Ehrmann 2002, Delfosse 2009; ZMB).

Bornean records. Sarawak: Mt. Serapi (CS in situ), Mt. Baw ( SMSM), Lanjak Entimau (1 m, SFDC), Mt. Mulu (CS in situ), Mt. Batu Lawi ( SMSM); Brunei: Kuala Belalong (OK in situ); Sabah: Crocker Range ( Delfosse 2009), Tawau ( Delfosse 2009); Kalimantan: Paku ( SMSM), Balikpapan ( Werner 1921), Mentawir ( Beier 1958), Moan ( Beier 1958), Nanga Badau ( Delfosse 2009), Malinau ( SMSM), Akar Bagantung Ulu ( SMSM).

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