Mystery Mantis Box (intermediate/experienced keeper level) (Box 3)

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Mystery Mantis Box (intermediate/experienced keeper level) (Box 3)

A box of goodies to the value (or more) of the listed price. Aimed at mantis keepers with an intermediate/experienced keeper level.


  1. Katie Dodd (verified owner)

    First time buying a mystery box..
    To be fair was not sure what to expect.
    I was sort of expecting 1 maybe 2 mantis and possibly some surprise live feed or decorations or general equipment…
    Opened the box and as I began to remove chips it quickly became apparent that I was definitely getting a surprise 🤣

    wont say how many and wont say which kind as I’m not sure if these boxes are the same or very similar.

    Needless to say in immaculate condition .. beautiful specimens and one that I really wanted. Great packaging also.

    This was supposed to be for my son under my supervision.. now its definitely a thing for the whole family 😅
    Before you order this set.. make sure you also have a heat pad.. and be prepared as some may require a higher temperature than the “beginner” and a higher humidity also.

    Definitely would recommend.

    • mitch

      Thanks for the glowing recommendation and review Katie 🙂

      I’m glad you’re happy with them all, and wish you all the very best!


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