Prohierodula picta (2nd instar)


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Prohierodula picta

Prohierodula picta (2nd instar) for sale

Prohierodula picta is a relatively easy Praying Mantis to keep and as such is perfect for a beginner keeping exotic invertebrates.

With super quick reactions during hunting, and aggressiveness to prey, Prohierodula picta really is a truly remarkable species of Praying Mantis to keep. It has a beautiful rusty/red appearance which in itself is quite stunning. However, if you are lucky enough to see its ‘threat’ pose then you will quickly realise why this is such a sought after species to keep.

Taxa Hierarchy:
subfamily:  Mantinae
tribe: Polyspilotini
genus: Prohierodula Bolivar, 1908

species: Prohierodula picta Gerstaecker, 1883


  • Ecology:
    • Terrestrial.
  • Specimen records are available.
  • Citations (9):
    • Gerstaecker. 1883. Mitt. naturw. Ver. Neu-Vorpomm. 14:88 >> Note: Polyspilota
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  • Type specimen information:
    • Type locality:
    • Kind of type:  unspecified primary type

Reference: /Taxa.aspx?TaxonNameID=1184310


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