Theopropus elegans (Banded Flower Mantis) FEMALE (5th instar) 1 x nymph

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Theopropus elegans (Banded Flower Mantis)

Theopropus elegans (Banded Flower Mantis) (2nd instar) for sale

Theopropus elegans (Banded Flower Mantis) is a relatively easy Praying Mantis to keep and as such is perfect for a beginner keeping exotic invertebrates.

Theopropus elegans, common name banded flower mantis, is a species of praying mantis native to Southeast Asia.

Until their first moult, nymphs have red and black exoskeletons that aid them in ant mimicry. They are green and white starting at their second instar and adults are similar in size and appearance to Creobroter species. Adult females are up to 5cm in length while males only grow to 3cm in length due to the sexual dimorphism common in mantises. Both sexes have green and white spots with bright orange hind wings and a large white transverse stripe on the fore wings.


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  1. Mantis Jen (verified owner)

    This is a great species for beginners. I’ve had mine a few months now and watching it transform was so rewarding and fascinating.

    • mitch

      Thanks very much for your feedback 🙂 Very much appreciated!

      I’m glad to hear that all is well, and that you’re happy 😀

      I wish you the very best of luck with them.



  2. Charlie Smith

    Very quick delivery, and I’m very happy with my order hopefully I will buy from you a third time? thank you for my mantid I’m looking forward to watching her grow and have a very happy life. Thank you again!

    • mitch


      I’m glad to hear that everything is ok, and that you’re happy 🙂

      Best of luck!


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